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Welcome to Big Wig City! You're officially the new VP of Big Wig Co! We're counting on you to turn this company around or else it's history! You've got until the end of this quarter (14 turns) to make $50,000 or we'll be bankrupt!

No pressure!


It's your job to bring in some new employees and get this place back on the map! Don't worry about finding them, we'll bring them to you! Your job is to decide whether they're Big Wig Co material or not! We'll also be counting on you to handle promoting and firing any employees you see fit!


Press the space bar to stop the spinner!


Music: "Jump and Run (8-bit)" by bart at OpenGameArt.org
URL: http://opengameart.org/content/jump-and-run-8-bit

Sound: "8-bit Coin Sounds" by Luke.RUSTLTD at OpenGameArt.org
URL: http://opengameart.org/content/10-8bit-coin-sounds

A game by Josh Jacobs

Install instructions

Unzip and launch


Big Wig City 5 MB

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